I Wrote & I Did

If you write it down, you can make it happen – S. Jonekos

How many times have you said, I am going to do this but never follow through? How long has it been since you dreamed big and accomplished that dream? How is that others achieve and excel while you find yourself sitting on the sidelines?

It seems that the one of the golden rules to realizing your dream is to write it down. Yes! Ideally on a piece of paper that you can post somewhere in your house; bedroom, kitchen, living room or any other room you hang out. Using your phone to store your dream also works. However, you have to find a way to envision this dream on a regular basis such as, by receiving daily reminders. A reminder phrase that one of my clients used that may come in handy for you, ‘How is that dream going?’ Which phrase would you use?

How does this work? Experts say that there is a certain power that connects writing down dreams to achieving them. Researchers found that you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and have them visible to you. Scientists build on this and expand it further by talking about certain neurological effects that lead you to realizing your dream. 

Fulfilling your dream education or career goals require writing them down. You see your goals somewhere (wherever you decide to plant them) and you will be challenged to work on them. You start thinking what will it take for you to attain this far reaching dream. You need an execution plan!!

In the career development field, we call it a Career Action Plan, CAP. CAP includes the steps or actions that you take to make your dream a reality. After you look at the big picture, you create baby steps that you are comfortable to follow. The steps can be consecutive, sequential or as one of my clients preferred to name them ‘My Chronological Steps’, such as, steps 1, 2, 3…They can also be parallel or concurrent which means that two or three steps can be happening at the same time. An example would be combining one research step to comprise google search, networking, and informational interviews. How you design your CAP is up to you.

If you dream big, you may have to incorporate some actions that may seem difficult. This entails getting out of your comfort zone. The good news is that by designing your own CAP, you get to decide how much to stretch your comfort zone. This may mean that fulfilling your dream will take a little bit longer. Know your limits, but definitely don’t be scared to take a chance on what initially seems difficult and to leave your fears behind. However, remember that if you push yourself too much out of your comfort zone, you may be tempted to quit. Find a balance.

Another important golden rule that may not be obvious when you hear about other your friends’ successes is: Be prepared to fail. Disappointments and setbacks must be a given. Allow yourself an OOPS moment (check out my blog for more detail), take a deep breath and get back to your CAP. This is part of growth development; you come out stronger, ready to achieve your current CAP and eager to take on future CAPs.

Those feelings of success and accomplishment are waiting for you! What does your dream look like? What will you write down? What will you do?

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