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Feeling stuck or uncertain in your career path? Hoda’s Career Info is your career program where Career Professionals from across the globe share career tips and personal stories to help you successfully navigate your career.

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Happening every Wednesday at 11 am EST. Listen LIVE to Career Buzz production of Hoda’s Career Info and so much more on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto and worldwide online at ciut.fm! Career Buzz is Canada’s unique radio conversation.

Podcast Hoda’s Musings

Hoda’s Musings talks about Career Literacy Skills, important skills that lead to career success. I share career tips that range from the value of daily reflections, focused breathing and narrowing down career options. If it has to do with career success, I will talk about it

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Hoda’s Career Info is also available on YouTube. Join me and other career professionals from across the globe as we have career discussions the will transform the way you craft your career and will empower you to succeed.


I was not sure which program to apply to after high school. I now have a university degree and a career plan that allows me to combine my multiple interests thanks to Dr Hoda support.

For anyone that might be interested in talking with a knowledgeable, compassionate and down to earth pro about all things career success, I highly recommend getting a time slot with Dr. Hoda! 

Let’s craft your great career together.