About Hoda

Inspiring Success Oriented Mindsets 

Dr. Hoda Kilani is a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) you can trust. She brings a wealth of skills from varied life and professional experiences. Her continued lifelong learning, career, and volunteer involvements provide her with up-to-date expertise to coach her clients to realize their career direction. Hoda’s blog is all about career exploration, planning and management. Check it out and share your questions, comments, and yes, critiques!


Hoda recently completed a doctorate degree from the University of Calgary in Language and Literacy with an interdisciplinary research focus on special needs youths’ experiences, including those who are gifted and ESL. She continues to be interested in research that examines issues related to academic or career management experiences with the goals of giving voice to emerging adults and increasing career literacy.


Hoda’s professional experiences provide her with the ability to offer the required courtesy, professionalism, and effective responsiveness that are crucial elements of employee culture and client relations. She founded Right Career Fit to coach her clients to find career direction from the following angles;

  • Mentorship
  • Career Development and Exploration
  • Career Planning
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Workshop Facilitation and Training
  • Branding

Moreover, attending and presenting at conferences enrich her coaching portfolio to offer you the latest career tools and strategies. Her clients write rave reviews

Giving Back

Volunteering with students (K-12) and mentoring immigrants add to the wealth of Hoda’s career coaching skills through her work with youths and women who are special needs, ESL, or new to Canada. Furthermore, her experience co-authoring a course textbook (NEST Methodologies: Multidimensional Aspects) and her expertise in career theories inspired her to create RCF Career Workshops Series for Junior High and High School Students. 

Happening Now

Hoda is leaving the lunch hour (mountain time) open each week to provide free 1:1 mentoring to inspire you to stay productively busy. If you find yourself in need of a career chat, click here to book a free career mentoring conversation.

Stay positive, never stop learning and keep moving forward!