You CAN If You THINK you Can… What Are You Waiting For?

DO or DO NOT. There is no try – Yoda

I am not sure why, but I am a big fan of this quote. Although if you think about it, it was what Yoda told Luke before this quote that matters. It is truly more important. If you are not familiar with it, here it is:

Luke: Master, moving around stones is one thing. This is totally different.

Yoda: No! No different! Only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you have learned (this is the sentence I am talking about).

Luke: (poor Luke gave this answer that led to the now famous quote above) Alright. I will give it a try.

For Star Wars’ sake, when Yoda said, “unlearn what you have learned”, the purpose was to encourage Luke to believe and trust in the Force and all the power that comes with it. Now the reason I am talking about it here, is because I want you to believe and trust in your dream and all the power that comes with it. 

DO or DO NOT, there is not try. Yoda

The focus is then on unlearning or leaving behind any thoughts or ideas that are telling that your dream career or lifestyle is not realistic. Sounds easy; reflect on these thoughts, detail them and spend time shredding them to pieces. Easier said than done, you say??

Alright realistically, you will not be as powerful as Luke but you have the opportunity to prove me wrong. What I am aiming for is that you should dream BIG! You probably have heard this before; reach for the stars and think outside the box in how you are going to make your BIG dream a reality. More importantly, do not let others shoot down your stars (the negativity in what people can say and do, such as when someone laughed at one of my dreams, can be heartbreaking). If you do not believe that their comments or actions have value, you can move past them. And even more importantly, challenge your negative thoughts by figuring out the details that will lead you to the accomplishment of your dream. This is how you will unlearn what you have learned or forget what you have heard from unsupportive others!

Finding a purpose that relates to your dream is one way to do it. Additionally, believing that you can achieve your dream puts you on the track to making your dream a reality. Finally, detailing the vision, emotions, sounds, obstacles and every other image that comes with this dream provides you with the path to reach it.

Oh, and here is where Yoda’s famous quote becomes important. Saying, “I’ll try” is not a good idea since it implies that you do not believe you can do it. What are you hoping to accomplish? A university degree, starting your own business, making a million dollars…You have BIG dreams and with these dreams your doubts are as BIG. This is understandable and very, very normal.

You really need to focus and think about how you will change your thoughts from “I’ll try” to, “I can”! One way that works for me (two of my recently accomplished BIG dreams were completing a doctorate degree and becoming a solo-entrepreneur) and many authors recommend is having a plan. Can you think of any other ways to change a doubt to a belief?

Now, please…stop saying I dream and let’s start the process and get to work. What are you waiting for? May the Force be with you!

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