3 Reasons to Have A Portfolio

Have you ever thought about creating your personal Education-Career Portfolio?

It is okay if you don’t have a portfolio yet. However, you really need to have one. It is never too late to design and create your first portfolio.

Why Do You Need One?

Here are the three reason to have an Education/Career Portfolio. A portfolio helps you

  • Get to know what makes you happy – who doesn’t want to be happy. It is about developing confident knowledge of who you are. What truly makes you happy? Is it about finding a challenge? Figuring what everyone means when they tell you that you need to find your purpose? Identifying what you are passionate about? Clarifying your next mission or whatever you would like to call it?
  • Create a career action plan – experiential learning or employment opportunities you want to explore. It can also help you design your next steps or goals that will lead to your success and overall happiness.
  • Have the knowledge and tools to regularly update your resume – an important skill these days. Using artifacts and memorabilia of your accomplishments will help you identify stories to market your skills – think interviews, LinkedIn profile, resumes and so on.

What To Include in a Portfolio?

Ok, not convinced? Humor me and ask yourself this question. What will you include in a portfolio? It is easy and can be fun!

You start building your portfolio by collecting mementos that you value. These mementos can remind you of good or bad moments in your life. The choice is yours!

Getting Started

Here are some ideas to get you started but remember that it is your portfolio and only you get to determine what to include in your education-career portfolio:

  • Self-assessments
  • Resume/CV
  • A list of dreams/aspirations
  • A checklist of goals or objective that you hope to accomplish
  • Any awards or mementos of accomplishments that have value to you
  • Compile and choose the top 10 projects that you created, alone or as part of a team
  • References/testimonials

Value Your Voice

Your voice is central to the creation of the education-career portfolio. You get to decide what to include in it, how to create it, and how you will utilize it in the future.  

Most importantly, beware that the eventual focus is on scaffolding you to use the portfolio as a tool to launch your experiential learning or to develop and maintain a successful career journey.

It’s In YOUR Hands

The responsibility for the betterment of your future is in your hands. Zoom your focus on developing skills and pursuing intentional practices along with iterative lifelong learning, experience processing, and continuous reflection.

The more involved you remain in your career story creation, the happier you will be with your storyline.

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