Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?

Even the most encouraging coach on the planet can’t make you finish the race.

You’re going to have to find it in yourself to chase it down all on your own, a quote by

Rachel Hollis

I love this quote and I agree with it 👍

Common Question

However, this leads many readers to question,

  • What does a Career Professional really do?
  • If Rachel is saying that I have to figure it on my own, then why do I need the services of a Career Professional?
  • With all the free career resources available online, from free assessments to YouTube self-help videos, podcasts and so on, why would I seek the help of a Certified Career Development Professional?
  • What can a Career Professional accomplish in 1, 2, or even 3 sessions?
  • If I decide to work with a Career Professional, the titles are very confusing from Career Coach to Career Strategist and many others, how will I know how to choose the Professional who will best support me in my job search?

Career Development

If you have any of these thoughts or questions going through your mind, you are not alone. The Career Development field is still young. Anyone working in the field understands this and is willing to meet with you to provide you with answers to these and other questions. 

In fact, on the many occasions when I declare my profession as a Career Literacy Coach, I am often asked: So, what do you really do? 

My response is usually: Are you unsure of the next steps in your education/career journey? If the answer is yes, then I respond: You should be working with a Career Professional. I work with you to reflect and figure out these steps.

Career Professional’s Role

Just to facilitate these thoughts, here are some of the reasons that Career Professionals do exist:

– Help you envision your future 

– Support you to reach your goals (for example, to finish the race)

– Be there for you when you are feeling stuck

– Provide a listening ear to figure out the reflection necessary to figure out the next steps 

The list goes on…please add more if you are a Career Professional!

Knowledge To Reflect On

Regardless of what stage you are at in life, whether you are a young adult or a mature person, reflecting and acting on your future should be a priority. A Career Professional provides a listening ear that facilitates the reflection part and empowers the action part. 

Clients who benefit from this type of support come from different backgrounds. You are

  • A student looking for volunteer opportunities to identify your interests;
  • A young adult who needs help defining your path; 
  • A mature person going through career transition. 

A Career Professional is your cheerleader and greatest supporter who helps you envision your future. 

Getting Started

While you are looking to narrow down your choices, your needs are unique to you. We, as Career Professionals understand that one size does not fit all.

A Career Professional’s role is to actively listen and provide questions that guide you to successfully create your career story. 

The process starts with an initial consultation which most Career Professionals offer for free or a nominal fee. 

The purpose of this consultation is twofold. It is an opportunity for you (the Client) to meet and decide if the Career Professional’s expertise, experience and style of coaching match the approach you are seeking. The same goes for the Career Professional who will decide whether or not they can provide you with the service you are seeking. 

Then What?

What happens next will depend on the number and type of sessions that you and your Career Professional decide are right for you. Services are promoted either as one session/multiple sessions or as specific coaching packages that include one or more services.

A single session helps you clarify a specific concern. A 3, 6 or 12-month package provides you with in-depth services where the Career Professional becomes your guide and accountability partner. The two of you schedule meetings, agree on type of impromptu communications and together use this time to envision the professional development that leads you to career success. 

A Collaborative Effort

Career coaching is a collaborative effort where the Career Professional guides the Client, and the Client commits to put in the effort. With this commitment comes success.

Are you ready to reflect on your career? 

Yes, it’s your future and your journey and yes you have to put in all the hard work 😓 but sometimes you need an accountability partner to check on you and say, “how is it going?” or “is there anything I can do to help?”, Career Professionals do just that 💪

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