Please STOP! Do NOT Find Your Purpose Nor Your Passion

“Lifelong learning represents learning from cradle to grave, while focusing on learning that can take place both within and outside the education system”

Ellen Boeren

Lifelong learning and reflection are my goals. They define my life’s vision. I am content. Are you?

Lifelong learning has led me to learn four languages, earn a doctorate degree, complete too many certificates and launch a small business. I am eager to keep going and I look forward to the next step. Do you have a goal that helps you get up every morning?

Reflection on my routine helps me compose my next step. I hang on and build on acceptable experiences. I let go of tedious and unpleasant involvements. I analyze, synthesize and evaluate to reveal what makes me happy. Have you ever tried to reflect on your day?

Where Are You Headed?

I know where I am headed and I realize that I will have to negotiate unpredictable events along the way. It’s ok. I will revisit and reframe My goals and vision will once again illuminate where I am headed and I will triumph.  How flexible are your goals?

I find it excruciating to select a single purpose or passion. I have a few…what about you?

Your Career Direction

I focus on navigating career direction rather than discovering purpose. Reflecting on a question such as, what you would like to do now or next? is so much easier than, what is your purpose or passion? My direction is clear and guided by my objectives, core values and vision. What do you think?

I stopped trying to find my purpose when I realized I have many. I get energized when I help others succeed and it’s definitely one of my many purposes. How many purposes do you think you have? 

I discourage clients from focusing on just one passion. Can you identify your one true passion?

Define Your Values

I encourage clients to unravel their core values. Achievement, challenge, growth and knowledge are some of mine. It’s ok to have many. My values guide how I move forward with a little bit of trepidation (fear of failure?) and a lot of confidence. What are some of your core values?

Too many questions for you to think about? Try responding to them one at a time and you will joyfully move forward. 

I have figured out where I am headed. It took me a very long time but I am happy now. Are you?

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