Resume Writing is an Art

Have you heard? “Resumes are dead” (Richie Norton). 

Recruiters are examining your LinkedIn Profile. Hiring managers are checking your Facebook page. Employers are scrutinizing your Instagram. It is time to add your resume to these profiles! How to design a resume for the times of social media?

Let us go through resume types 101. Did you know there are many types of resumes? I have simplified them into three categories. 


Needed to follow the job application guidelines. The most commonly used types and are meant to be ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly; the software system commonly used to narrow down applicants: 

  • Chronological/reverse chronological
  • Functional/skills-based
  • Combination/hybrid/chrono-functional


If you want to focus on a specific job market, these types of resumes are required:

  • Targeted – A specific position
  • Task oriented
  • CV (curriculum vitae)/academic– For academia such as grad school or academic positions
  • Federal – Commonly used in the U.S. 


Writing innovative resumes is an art, so you should be willing to spend time to craft them well. For those with creative career paths, these non-traditional resumes allow you to show your artistic style. For others, innovative resumes will help you stand out. While I do not recommend their use for traditional job application methods since they are non-ATS compliant, I do endorse creativity when networking and for social media profiles. In this virtual age, innovative resumes are powerful job seeking tools if crafted well. Think of yourself as a brand. Use innovative resumes to market your brand and to tantalize readers into wanting to learn more:

  • Infographic – yes, you can use graphic design elements
  • Portfolio – allows you to show samples of your work
  • Mini – think of it as your elevator pitch
  • Video – show off your personality
  • Resume with Profile – feature skills and experiences at the top of your traditional resume 
  • Personal website – show off your creative work or accomplishments

Resumes are not dead; they are an art form that is transforming and adapting to the social media arena! 

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