Job Search…What’s NEXT?

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. – A. Einstein

The pandemic of 2019 quickly changed your life in 2020. Who knew? 

  • Schools closed; grade-12 students missed out on the whole grad experience
  • Universities locked down; students did not know whether to stay on campus or rush home
  • Economies shattered; employees sent home for good
  • Hospitals challenged; frontline workers stretched to the limit

The pandemic is clearly not over and the pandemic effects of social distancing and wearing a mask are unmistakably visible everywhere you go. Yet, despite of all the above, you find yourself looking for a job. What can you do? In the words of the famous Einstein…You just have to “keep moving”.

Whatever transitional situation you are in, your focus should be on your mental health. These are tough times and you must strive to remain positive. If you are not sure how to stay motivated, read my blog, “Stressed? Go on! Start with the first big inhale”. Readers tell me it helps.

Moving forward is the most common and paramount advice. As long as you are moving, no matter how slow, you will not fall into the “I am feeling stuck” mode. Think of it as staying productively busy! This mental state of being constructively engaged in your job search will help you reach your goal of finding a job.

Here are some suggestions for you to reflect on and be creatively occupied in search of employment:

  • Have you ever reflected on what your ideal job would look like?
  • What does your ideal employer do for a living?
  • Which company’s mission matches your calling?
  • How do you define your future role?
  • Where do you find yourself productively occupied that time seems to fly?
  • When you look at your resume, do you like what you see?

These questions are meant to increase your personal awareness. Can you think of other questions that are relevant to your particular situation? Write them down and explore the answers.

Your responses clarify the type of job you are seeking. They lead you to customize your resume and produce creative cover letters that describe who you truly are. They provide the key to your interview preparation. More importantly, they build self-awareness skills so that you can move confidently knowing who you are and what you are pursuing. 

NOW is the time to move. Do not wait too long! Your opportunity is waiting for you. All you have to do is reach out and grab it promptly.

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