Wait! What? I Don’t Have Time to Reflect on My Knowledge

“What is knowledge if you don’t use it” – Dr. Jane Carter MD

A career planning technique I teach my clients is to reflect on their knowledge. Many clients initially reject the technique claiming they do not have time for this. However, once they give it a try, they typically cannot stop talking about its benefits. I urge you to try this technique and let me know what you think.

Whether you believe it or not, your knowledge is very valuable. Whether in your real or your virtual life, your knowledge is unique to you. Whether you are 14 or 25 years old, your knowledge is a powerful resource. However, what good is this valuable, unique and powerful resource if you do not use it? And what good is this resource if you are not aware of it?

Reflecting on your knowledge is what career professionals all over the world agree that you should do. This is particularly important if you are fresh out of high school and think that you have no skills. Examples of skills that you may already have are your ability to communicate (you are a good writer, debater or presenter) or to work with a team (you enjoy group assignments or are part of a school sports team). These skills are considered two of the top skills to get a job. 

Think of your knowledge as one of your internal brain skills. What you know could be a lifesaving skill for someone else. All you need to do is to reflect on this knowledge and figure out a way to leverage this knowledge. A quick and simple example; knowing how to change a flat tire could be a lifesaving skill for someone stranded on a busy highway. 

Spending some time reflecting on how you can use this knowledge to influence your career path may lead you to move on to another piece of knowledge. Let us say you spent your summers running a lemonade stand. Combine your ability to change a tire with your experience running a lemonade stand, and you may find that you have a sense of entrepreneurship and may want to consider opening a tire shop. 

Ok…I have to admit that it is not that easy. You have to spend a few years working for a tire shop and saving some money to open the tire shop, but I think that you get the idea. Reflect on your knowledge, figure out if there is a way to benefit from it and use it. Spend time slowly sorting through your interests, experiences, skills/abilities and values. You will be amazed at what you can do with the knowledge you possess!

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