Summer Is Here! Time to Meet YOU.

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose, a quote by Dr. Seuss 

Summer is here and it is time to relax and have fun!

Yes, it is the time to rejuvenate and focus on the moment. As much fun as this sounds, summer can be the time to start reflecting on your career. Let us face it, you do not enjoy every activity your parents, siblings, cousins or even friends partake in. You have your interests, skills and talents and it is to time figure out your unique and personal values. 


Summer provides the ideal months to start reflecting on what motivates you to get off the lounge chair.

What are your talents? Drawing, swimming, writing…

Which activities do you enjoy? Yes, lounging in the sun can be one of these activities.

Who are the people you admire?

What do they do for a living?

Spending time in short moments of reflection will help you start to envision a career path.

Use The Extra Daylight Hours Wisely

Summer enriches your life with extra daylight hours to suntan, build sandcastles or bike.

Does suntanning lead you to reflect on the hazards of the UV rays?

Do you find time flies when you are building a sandcastle?

Where do your thoughts wonder when you are biking?

Do you get where I am going with this? Answers to similar questions in any activity you partake in will familiarize you with you.

Build Knowledge and Experiences

Summer can also be the best time to get a part time job or to volunteer.

Working at a fast food restaurant or in retail will not only bring you extra spending money but will also give you the opportunity to explore your likes and dislikes.

Volunteering for non-profit organizations will not only make you feel good about yourself, but will also allow you hands-on experiences to figure out your talents.

Yes, sorry, I am hoping you will get off the lounge chair for a bit.

Choose A Direction

Summer needs to be the season you start steering yourself in the direction you choose. Before you know it, fall will be there. The courses you select, the activities you enjoy and the clubs you join will help you build on the likes, talents and skills you have determined for yourself. You may find you have a lot in common with your sister, your mother, or your friend’s father. Now is the time to reach out and learn about their work.

Let’s Go!

Think about it: Who do you need to talk to today? And why?

Summer is here! What are you doing to become acquainted with you?

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