Accepting The Winds of Change

Those Who Cannot Change their Minds Cannot Change Anything” – George Bernard Shaw

One of the first lessons I teach my clients is the importance of flexibility. We create plan A and plan B, design short- and long-term goals, and figure out the actions my client needs to take, but in reality, everything needs to be prepared with a flexible mindset. This is mainly because opportunities present themselves, problems arise, or feelings change. What seemed appealing at one time may a few months later need to be revisited and checked.  

Accepting the need for change is a key factor in success. Failure is the first clue that what you tried did not work and your plan needs to be revisited before you try again. It is not a reflection of the plan as a whole. Nor is it a red flag that is calling you to stop what you are doing. It is a sign that you need to sit down, revisit, and ask yourself critical but powerful questions such as:

  • Are my goals clear? 
  • How committed am I to my goals? 
  • Am I focused on one small thing or multiple opportunities at one time? 
  • Is plan A the most important plan for me?

Try answering these questions by writing the answers down, creating a table of your goals, or drawing what your success will look like. Answers to these questions will help guide you in the direction that will lead you to pick up the pieces and try again. Your unswerving answers will determine your ability to stay focused and move forward in reaching your goals. Just remember as you revisit these questions to be honest to yourself, be prepared to take responsibility for your failures, and be willing to change your mind.

TIP: There is no wrong way – just do it your way and you will succeed.

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